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Hi my name is Ed Merryman and for going on 15 years I have proudly been serving Maryland Residents with their home financing needs. 

It doesn't matter if you are a first time home buyer or an experienced investor we have mortgage products that will meet your needs. 

I am a Broker... not a Bank. How does that benefit you? I have the ability to shop at multiple mortgage outlets without having to take all of your needs to one place. That allows me to take advantage of the Markets and the Investors that are willing to give you the lowest possible interest rate on your specific mortgage needs. 

We also don't have the overhead of expensive buildings, fancy offices and non productive employees . These savings get passed directly to you by being able to offer you lower interest rates on the exact same products.  


Loan Products & Programs

Take advantage of great Interest Rates on -

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages & Adjustable Rate Loans
  • Government Insured FHA Loans
  • Government Insured VA Loans

Educational Videos about the Mortgage Industry

To assist you in making better choices about your home financing I post several videos each month about a different topic or term used in the Mortgage Industry. 

Less than perfect...

How Loan Level Pricing Adjustments effect the Mortgage Rates you are offered.

Saving Money Monthly with Your Home Owner's Insurance

This video is about the monthly savings you could gain by taking a look at your Home Owner's Insurance. 

Why am I seeing POINTS on my Loan?

This is a video explaining why Points are being added to Mortgages in the COVID 19 landscape of America. 

What Happens to My Mortgage...

This is a video about the Primary and Secondary Mortgage Markets and the journey your mortgage takes through each. I hope you enjoy it! 

3 Questions to ask before a Rate and Term Refinance

With all the Media hype around interest rates I thought a video about good questions to ask about your specific mortgage scenarios would be helpful. 

Your home's value and Online Resources

This video goes over two online websites for Marylanders that assists them with determining their home's value.

Federal Reserve's Funds Rate cut and Mortgage Rates

How the Federal Reserve's Fund Rate cut to 0% effects Mortgage Interest Rates

Week 2 - LTV and Your Home's Value

This week's video is on how your home's value is determined and the two most commonly used methods to do that. 

Loan to Value and your Mortgage

This Video goes over what the Loan to Value Ratio is in regards to mortgages and the various LTV Limits in the FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional Mortgage Programs are. 

Week 4- Credit History Summary and Your Mortgage

This Video recaps the three weeks of information on your Credit History and Fico Score in relationship to getting the best mortgage interest rate. 

Valentine's Special and Title Vesting

This video reviews the most common ways Title to a Property can be held in Non Commercial Residential Scenarios.  I hope you enjoy it!

Week 3 Your Credit and Tradelines

In this Video we go over how to build up your Credit History and how your Fico Score is actually calculated so that when it's "Mortgage Time" you are ready! It's worth the time... take a look. 

Credit History and How to Raise Your Fico

In this video I go over the three major components of what makes up your Credit History and how to raise your FICO Score. 

Your Credit Score and Applying for a Mortgage

This video goes over Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA minimum FICO score requirements for a Mortgage or Home Loan. 

New VA Loan Benefits effective 1-1-2020

Check out this great video on the new benefits to Veterans and their mortgages as part of the  Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019. These benefits just went into effect on 1-1-2020. 

If this interest you please hit the "Contact Us" tab and we will get back to you. Thanks... 

The Benefits of a Veteran's Affairs Mortgage

The 3 Major Benefits of a VA Mortgage... 

Acheiving Results through Education

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